Question #22: About Lens Correction In Lightroom

Q: "First I really love your photography/blog and I'm learning a lot from you so thanks. My question is: What is your take on Lightroom lens correction? I can't stand uneven lines and I tend to start processing every single picture with the lens correction! Do you think it's important? Or is it fine if the lines are inclined as long as the subject is well composed?" Faisal Al Fouzan

A: "Thanks for the kind words, I am glad that you find my posts useful! 

That's a great question! Lightroom lens correction is a powerful tool and we are very lucky to have it. Especially in the latest version. With years of experience as an interior photographer I can assure you that the slightest diversion of a vertical line will draw the eye right away. Even more so than a slanted horizontal line! With LR5, minor vertical corrections are just a click away with the Basic Vertical adjustment. Some images may require manual corrections, which is all you could do with earlier versions of the software. Those adjustments are quick and easy to do and will make the biggest difference in the resulting image. Your lens may also be recognized by the software, so I would recommend that you enable profile corrections as well. 

That said, there is nothing wrong with slanted or curved verticals are long as it is the intended effect. In that case the slant will usually be more pronounced and the artistic intent of the photographer will be obvious.  

So, in one word, my answer is: Yes! Use the lens correction function in Ligthroom, it's an image saver!"

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