Question #11: About Black & White Conversion

Q: "Your street photos are usually Black and White photos. What is your Black and White process? Do you use a Lightroom preset or Photoshop? Any information would be helpful." William

A: "I am a Lightroom user exclusively. For a long time, I was going back and forth between Lightroom and Photoshop but I feel that LR has become so powerful that I never need to go into PS for my personal work anymore. I shoot RAW and make all my black and white adjustments manually in LR. Each image takes a few seconds but is processed individually. I don't use presets or plug-ins. I keep my workflow as simple as possible. I like contrasty B&W with a timeless feel. Street photography does not and should not need too much work in post processing. You either have a story or you don't. No plug-in or preset is going to change that. 

That said, when I shoot for commercial clients, I send all tedious edits to a photoshop expert when needed. That's all he does and he does it well. I don't like spending too much time in the digital dark room. To each his/her own!

Thanks for submitting your question to the blog William! "

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