Question #33: About Transitioning To A Mirrorless System

Q: " Hi Valerie! I'm currently transitioning from dslr to mirrorless and my passion lies within the field of photojournalism/street photography and portraiture. I'm leaning towards the fuji x-e2, but not sure which lens I should purchase due to the lack of knowledge in the mirrorless world. I use to shoot with a Nikon d90 and the lens that never let me down was the 55-300mm (beautiful portraiture/IQ). Well, I guess I want to know what gear can I use as my workhorse until I get financially stable enough to add more lens/bodies. I guess my main concern is the AF (photojournalism woes of missing the shot or getting a bad shot all do to lack of focus). Thanks! Love your work!" Sha-Sonja

A: "Congratulations! Making the decision to leave the world of DSLRs is a big step. It's also an exciting one, change is good! I haven't shot with the x-e2 yet, but I love my Fuji x100s with its fixed 23mm lens (35mm equiv.). Perfect tool for street photography in particular. Auto focus never let me down, it's super fast on the x100s and I'm sure the x-e2 would be no different. 

As far as lenses are concerned, if you are used to the range of a 55-300mm on your Nikon, my suggestion to get a prime lens may be an even bigger step for you. I hear that the 18-55 mm kit lens for the x-e2 and its aperture of f/2.8-4.0 is quite good (it's 35mm equiv. to 27-84mm). This may be the best one to start with. Then I would suggest getting a fast prime when you can afford it.

I hope this helps. Have fun in the new world of mirroless cameras!" Valérie

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My Fuji X100s ©Valérie Jardin

My Fuji X100s ©Valérie Jardin