Conversation #6 With Rinzi Ruiz About His 24 Hour Photo Project

Today I am excited to share with you my conversation with LA-based street photographer Rinzi Ruiz.

LA-based street photographer Rinzi Roco Ruiz

LA-based street photographer Rinzi Roco Ruiz

A few days ago I followed with great interest Rinzi's 24 hour photo project. I contacted him right away to schedule this interview and discuss his experience of shooting and posting 1 picture every hour during a 24 hour period while walking the streets of LA with his camera. To find out more about the worldwide 24 hour street photography project, click here. To find out more about Rinzi Ruiz visit his blog, see his work on Flickr and follow him on Instagram: @rinzizen.

Please listen to the interview below and watch the slide show of the 24 images he shot and posted that day as part of the project.

Below: Slide show of Rinzi's 24 street photographs shot during the 2014 worldwide 24 hour street photography project.