Conversation #6 With Rinzi Ruiz About His 24 Hour Photo Project

Today I am excited to share with you my conversation with LA-based street photographer Rinzi Ruiz.

LA-based street photographer Rinzi Roco Ruiz

LA-based street photographer Rinzi Roco Ruiz

A few days ago I followed with great interest Rinzi's 24 hour photo project. I contacted him right away to schedule this interview and discuss his experience of shooting and posting 1 picture every hour during a 24 hour period while walking the streets of LA with his camera. To find out more about the worldwide 24 hour street photography project, click here. To find out more about Rinzi Ruiz visit his blog, see his work on Flickr and follow him on Instagram: @rinzizen.

Please listen to the interview below and watch the slide show of the 24 images he shot and posted that day as part of the project.

Below: Slide show of Rinzi's 24 street photographs shot during the 2014 worldwide 24 hour street photography project.

Conversation #5 With Ugo Cei About Photographing A Stranger A Day


It's been a while since I've had the pleasure to invite a guest to talk about photography. Today I enjoyed a conversation with Italian travel, landscape and fine art photographer Ugo Cei.

Photographer Ugo Cei

Photographer Ugo Cei

Ugo claims to be a geek at heart, who loves the technical aspects of digital photography and understanding what goes inside the machine.

His clients include Architectural Digest, Condé Nast Traveler, and Alitalia.

Ugo and I have known each other for quite some time via social media. Recently, I've really enjoyed seeing the daily images of his new A Stranger A Day project. I invited him to share his experience with you through a G+ Hangout. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Ugo Cei.

Sorry for the technical difficulties at the beginning and the end of the recording... Ah, the Joy of modern technology!

You can find out more about Ugo through his website and blog and follow his project on Google+

Here are a few images from Ugo's A Stranger A Day project...

Conversation #4 With Martin Bailey About Sharing Our Passion For Photography


Sorry for the long stretch of time between posts. I've been traveling again! I always leave for a trip with the good intention of writing blog posts during the long flights but, truth is, I rarely open my laptop on a plane. I much prefer to lose myself in a good book.

I have a treat for you this week! I spent an hour chatting with my good friend and photographer extraordinaire Martin Bailey. We finally managed to find time in our busy schedules to sit down for an hour. I am just returning from Paris and soon heading down to Australia and he is about to leave for his Winter Wonderland photo tours. Martin is an amazing nature and wildlife photographer, a talented writer and a great guy! 

As my previous conversations for this blog, this is a candid chat between two photographers. Today Martin and I discuss how we've both come to a point in our careers where it's all about sharing our passion for the craft, mostly through teaching and writing. Martin is also the host of the popular Martin Bailey Photography Podcast which just reached 400 episodes. This is a huge accomplishment and I applaud him for that.


Martin's Website and Podcast 

Link to his photo tours and workshops

The Martin Bailey's books on Craft & Vision


Valerie's website and photo workshops

I am honored to be a master at The Arcanum, Trey Ratcliff's new exciting Academy of Photography!


I hope you enjoy my conversation with Martin Bailey!

Conversation #3 with Ibarionex Perello about Inspiration

Today, I enjoyed a conversation with photographer, author and podcaster Ibarionex Perello. Based in California, Ibarionex launched The Candid Frame podcast 6 years ago. It has been one of my favorite podcasts for years and one that has inspired me while listening to photographers from all walks of life. During our conversation, Ibarionex and I discuss some memorable podcasts. We also chat about ways to get out of the occasional creative rut that every artist seems to go through.

I cannot recommend The Candid Frame podcast enough, check it out on iTunes! You can also find out more about Ibarionex and his work by visiting his website.

Podcast episodes that we mentioned during our conversation:

#214 Sam Abell 

#182 Angelo Merendino

#101 Chris Porsz

#105 William Albert Allard

Some of my favorite episodes:

#210 Elliott Erwitt

#87 Jay Maisel

#113 Richard Koci Hernandez

(I had the honor to be his guest on episode #154!)

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