Question #1: About Printing

Q: It is nice to see photos digitally, but I am from the time that actual prints were held in ones hands. Top photographers will tell you a lot sometimes about their process, but what seems to be lacking, is how but ( mostly ) where they get their digital prints done on paper. I know you can do quite an acceptable job at home with colour prints and labs are plentiful for colour. but what about black and white digital prints. what do you do? Merci, Ronald

A: I do not print my own images but I also do appreciate holding a big beautiful print in my hands. When I need high quality prints in color or B&W for myself, an exhibit or to sell a fine art print, I use White House Custom Color (WHCC) here in the US. I had the chance to visit one of their labs and was really impressed. The quality is amazing, service is very prompt (printing and shipping usually done within a day if the order is sent in the morning) and the prices are hard to beat. You can get free test prints done to try them out, they will also send you paper samples. Also the packaging is the best I've ever seen in the photo print industry. Your images will always arrive in perfect shape. Even better, two-day shipping within the US is usually free. The lab will also ship all over the world. 

If you want to print your own work, I would recommend a book by my friend and fellow photographer Martin Bailey: Making The Print or the newly released book by Jeff Schewe The Digital Print Jeff's book will take you step by step through the process of preparing your color or B&W images in LR or PS for printing.

I hope this answers your question!



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