Conversation #3 with Ibarionex Perello about Inspiration

Today, I enjoyed a conversation with photographer, author and podcaster Ibarionex Perello. Based in California, Ibarionex launched The Candid Frame podcast 6 years ago. It has been one of my favorite podcasts for years and one that has inspired me while listening to photographers from all walks of life. During our conversation, Ibarionex and I discuss some memorable podcasts. We also chat about ways to get out of the occasional creative rut that every artist seems to go through.

I cannot recommend The Candid Frame podcast enough, check it out on iTunes! You can also find out more about Ibarionex and his work by visiting his website.

Podcast episodes that we mentioned during our conversation:

#214 Sam Abell 

#182 Angelo Merendino

#101 Chris Porsz

#105 William Albert Allard

Some of my favorite episodes:

#210 Elliott Erwitt

#87 Jay Maisel

#113 Richard Koci Hernandez

(I had the honor to be his guest on episode #154!)

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