Rome Through Your Lens

April 15-21 2018

(Sold out, waiting list)


"Rome is the city of echoes, the city of illusions, the city of yearning" Giotto di Bondone


Imagine yourself, camera in hand, spending a week wandering through the narrow cobblestone streets of the Eternal City with new friends who share the same passion for photography. From colorful markets to lively piazzas, from ancient ruins to grand palazzos, Roma is the perfect blend of the old and the new. See it through your lens and make your own iconic images of one of the most romantic cities in the world.

  ©Valerie Jardin

©Valerie Jardin

What you will learn:

With a strong emphasis on street photography, this photo workshop is about learning to see photographically and tell a visual story. You will learn to make stronger images by seeing and framing details that make a place unique while thinking 'outside the postcard'.  The goal is not to go home with a touristic photo album but to create your very own iconic images.  

The tuition + meals + luxury hotel package includes:

  • Six nights and breakfasts in a 4 star hotel located in the heart of Rome. Your own individual room included!
  • Instruction in a small group setting by Valerie Jardin for individual attention
  • Daily photo walks
  • Critique sessions
  • Three meals in the relaxed atmosphere of traditional Italian restaurants. 
  • Price: $3,750

Note: Price based on single room accommodation (you do not share a room). If you are traveling with a partner, photographer or non-photographer, please request a quote for double accommodation.

The tuition + meals package includes:

  • Instruction in a small group setting by Valerie Jardin
  • Daily photo walks
  • Individual critique session
  • Three meals in the relaxed atmosphere of traditional Italian restaurants. 
  • Price: $2,550

This photo workshop is designed to fit all levels. Please note that all instruction will be done in English.

  ©Valerie Jardin

©Valerie Jardin


See some of my students' work in this blog post.

What people say about Valerie's Rome photo workshop:

"Life doesn't get much better than spending a week in Rome with Valérie - she's a superb guide to the street photography experience. Her love of the genre is contagious - helping me see in new ways in special places - while both learning and having fun together! She pours herself into her workshops and you come away awakened and refreshed. Go if you can - magical moments flow!" -- Scott Loftesness

Scott also shared in experience in this blog post.

"Valerie’s vision is an inspiration. She exudes passion for her craft and is equally passionate about helping others learn to create images that effectively show their own vision. Her easy going nature and sense of humour can be infectious. All in all, the week was lots of fun with my new found friends and I would do it all again. If any one is interested in one of her workshops you should book immediately!" Jane Sheers, Australia.

Jane Shared her experience in this blog post.

Ken Lyons shares his experience in this blog post.

More testimonials...

"I flew all day yesterday from Rome where I had participated with 9 others in a week long photo workshop. We had people from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, Belgium, the United States, and Texas. Five men and five women whose experience levels ranged from well established and well known professionals to amateurs who had been filling family albums and making occasional online postings.

Valerie is becoming a Rock Star and yet if you have gone to her website and read her blogs, listened to her podcast, looked at her photos, you know Valerie Jardin. That is exactly who she is. There is no pretension. She is generous with her time, generous with her praise, helpful with our stumbles, clear and appropriate with her critiques, tolerant, and disagrees agreeably.

This was my second workshop and other participants had attended many workshops with Valerie. I too hope to attend more. In both that I have attended I have been impressed with how well all get along. Perhaps this is due to a common interest we all share, perhaps this is because we came together as individuals, i.e., we left our partners at home, or as a group we too are tolerant and respectful of differences and learn from one another. [...]" John M, Texas.

"I just attended my second workshop with Valerie, and once again she did not disappoint. Valerie's workshop will push you as a photographer, you will feel immensely inspired everyday, not only by the beautiful locations that she has scouted for the group, but by your fellow workshop participants and their common interest of learning and growing as artists. Valerie is a patient teacher willing to take time to explain the process involved in capturing amazing street photography images. I came away from this workshop learning even more than I thought I would.  I cannot wait for my next Valerie Jardin photo adventure!" Jennifer Robertson, Saskatchewan, Canada

"This is an ideal way to travel and make great photographs and memories at a very reasonable cost. This was my third workshop with Valerie and I have to say like the others, it was outstanding! The experience of photographing and seeing new places with a great group of like minded people is truly gratifying and stress free. I learned so much through this workshop and I made some wonderful new friends. I learned so much and have grown and improved my skills as a photographer through this workshop. This was an unforgettable experience and I have taken home some great memories. Thank you for such a great workshop." Chris (Quebec)

"Valerie Jardin’s photo workshops are all about “opportunities.” Photographers…whether professional or passionate amateurs…or somewhere in- between, have endless opportunities to improve their craft and see some amazing places in the world at the same time. Valerie specializes in street photography and she encourages her participants to step outside their comfort zones to find “moments” and “details” of life and to tell stories with photography. Photo walks in picturesque places put you right in the midst of life in whatever area of the world you happen to be visiting. Valerie schedules individual time to look at your photos and give suggestions for improvement, but she is always available to answer a quick question or suggest possibilities for effective shots as your group is out and about. Valerie’s workshops are evolving into a wonderful opportunity to practice the craft and art of photography and to make amazing friends. After having attended two of Valerie’s workshops, I highly recommend them." Linda Chaplin

  ©Valerie Jardin

©Valerie Jardin

This workshop is all about seeing photographically with a big emphasis on capturing life on the streets...