San Francisco Street Photography

One Day workshop

February 16th, 2018

(Sold out Waiting list)

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The workshop will start at 8:30 am. We will meet for a presentation in a conference room located at Union Square during which we will be discussing the different ways to approach street photography. We will go over the ethical aspects of this popular genre of photography, the do's & don'ts and how to get over the fear of photographing strangers in the streets. From candid shots to street portraits, we will look at more advanced techniques to tell a story in a frame.  Immediately following the presentation we will go on a 4 hour photo walk in some of San Francisco's most unique neighborhoods to practice newly learned techniques.

We will finish the afternoon in the classroom for some post processing and a group critique session.

You will leave the workshop with a renewed vision and confidence as well as new friends who share the same passion for street photography.

This workshop is limited to 10 participants, registration is first come, first serve basis. Cost to attend in: $395.


What people say about their learning experience on a San Francisco workshop with Valerie:

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“I have been following Valerie’s work for a while now, but this was the first time I was able to score a spot in her San Francisco workshop. Her workshops are very hard to get in, and now, I know why. The day started with a presentation which was full of technique as to what to look for when we’re out in the streets. We then have a few hours to hit the streets with Valerie, and apply what we just learned. But to me, the real value was the photo review at the end of our shoot. Valerie gave very actionable criticisms to all of our photos that I learned a lot, even from the other participants photos. That was truly amazing! Valerie is very warm and passionate teacher, and I can’t wait for my next workshop with her.” Celso from Nashua, New Hampshire

"I really enjoyed my time with Valerie at the San Francisco workshop.  Valerie is kind and it is clear that she loves what she is doing.  She is very helpful to novices and more advanced photographers alike.  It was great fun to meet other photographers that became new friends.  I will definitely attend another workshop if I get the chance!"  Amy J., Boise, Idaho.

"Valerie is candid, knowledgable, and is willing to share everything from her style of shooting, techniques, to tricks on how to get "the shot".  I have taken many workshops in the past, but very few I feel connected with the instructors, to the point to say, I want to go back to one of his/her workshops. Valerie left me wanting for more. I can see why her workshops sell out, and why people is willing to take them many times. She is amazing!" - Cyntia Apps

“Valerie’s San Francisco workshop was much better than expected.  I am an experienced landscape/travel photographer trying to find my way as a street photographer.  I came to the workshop needing guidance on camera settings, how to hold the camera to get candid shots, and how to “see” the streets differently than I have in the past, working with shadows and light.  Valerie helped me on all counts and even more.  I look forward to joining her again.”  Susan, California.

"Valerie was an enthusiastic and knowledgable teacher. Getting immediate feedback and suggestions during the photowalks was most helpful. I loved the critiques, both of my photos and those of the other photographers; Valerie gave useful feedback in a direct and sensitive manner, and I feel I will be able to apply what I learned right away." Susan, Oakland

"My husband asked, "well, you have the book, why do you need to take a workshop?"  Well, yes, your book provided the mental framework.  However walking beside you, having you demonstrate, having you suggest and give feedback:  all that provided the physical, visual and motor learning.  And, having the opportunity to interact with you and a small number of like-minded photography lovers gave me emotional incentive to expand my skills.  As an instructor:  you provided concepts to improve the strength of our images, you encouraged and supported each student's interests/focus, you have so many tips that you so freely shared as opportunities arose, you encouraged and provided constructive feedback.   I wanted to develop my skills in street portraiture, and, your ideas and tips were targeted to my specific needs.  The skills I learned today will improve all my photography from street to portrait, to landscape.   I am hoping to join you on one of your overseas weeklong workshops in the near future." Helen Fong