“My week in Paris with Valerie Jardin was absolutely amazing.  Valerie is such a wonderful teacher and I have learned so much from her.  This was my 3rd workshops with Valerie and I plan to do more. This was absolutely a 5 star experience.” Jeff Klausner, Portland, OR (Paris Sept. 2018)

Super week-end parisien avec Valérie, mais beaucoup trop court ! J’aurais pu continuer encore plusieurs jours à parcourir les rues de Paris. Malgré avoir vécu plusieurs dizaines d’années en région parisienne, Valérie m’a fait découvrir des endroits de Paris que je ne connaissais pas. Valérie sait partager sa passion avec générosité et talent. Ce stage fait progresser dans une ambiance très sympathique et détendue. J’ai fait plusieurs stages avec d’autres photographes, mais celui-ci est le N° 1.

Great Parisian weekend with Valérie, but far too short! I could have kept going for several more days, walking the streets of Paris. Although I lived around Paris for several decades, Valérie showed me places I’d never seen. Valérie knows how to share her talent with generosity and passion. Her workshop will help you improve your photography in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I’ve attended several workshops with other photographers, but this one is was the best experience. Valérie V., Angers, France (Paris weekend workshop January 2019)

I would thank Valerie for the tips and the support that she gave in a so passionate way. I think that doing photographic sessions is one of the best way to enjoy Paris. Taking pictures under her guide, helped me rediscover the ancient love that I had for the black and white photography. Stefano Ganzerli, Italy (Paris weekend workshop January 2019)

Valerie’s weekend Paris workshop was just what I needed to inspire me and take my street photography to the next level. It was a pleasure to be guided around a variety of different locations including markets, parks, shopping arcades and the streets and alleyways of the city. Being in the company of a small group of like-minded photographers was also an inspiration and it was interesting to see how different photographers approach the same scenes – and they were all so friendly, welcoming and supportive. As we explored the streets together, Valerie was always on hand to point out potential shots and opportunities and different techniques. I learnt so much from just watching her take photographs and seeing how she approaches people and situations. This really changed my way of seeing and improved my photographic vision as well as providing me with some techniques for getting a better shot. The photo critique session at the end was really constructive and a great opportunity to learn how others viewed my work and how it could be improved. This whole workshop was a game-changer for me and I can’t wait to get out on the streets again in my home town to put all that I have learned into practice. I will now be a more confident street photographer and my photographs will definitely be better as a result of my short Paris workshop experience. Thanks Valerie. Sam R, England (Paris weekend workshop January 2019)

Paris with Valérie is always a blast. In the weekend workshop in January 2019, she showed us some really lovely places in Paris. It was very inspiring to me to shoot street in this lovely city. The assignments during the photowalks really challenged me to get out of my comfort-zone and actually improved my vision. I usually shoot and prefer more black&white and one of my new year resolutions was to shoot more color. In Valérie's workshop, I actually managed to deliver 5 color shots, that I am happy with, which is just great. I learned a lot from the photo discussion at the end of the workshop. It really helps to reflect your own work, get criticism from Valérie and the other participants and also to give criticism. Merci beaucoup Valérie. Frank M, Germany (Paris weekend workshop January 2019)

“Spending a week with someone who truly loves what they do is inspiring. Spending it in Paris was almost magical. Valérie has a level of enthusiasm and energy that sweeps up those around her. On the very first day, she turned ten strangers into a cohesive group of photographers, each excited about improving their work. Her workshop is challenging but also a heck of lot of fun. As we wandered the streets, I was constantly in awe of her ability to spot beautiful little moments out of the corner of her eye while navigating our our group through winding streets and sharing composition/exposure tips at the same time. She pays attention … and urged us to too. Valérie shows you how to rethink the image in the frame and most importantly, shoot with intention. She taught us so many  cool little techniques that can transform a photo from just ok to pretty damn good. I know that in the future, when I lift my camera to compose an image, Valérie’s words will be whispering in my ear.  Merci pour tout … et à la prochaine.” Joan, Austin/Paris (Sept. 2018 Paris workshop)

"I've taken a lot of photography workshops over the years - but my all time favorites are the ones that Valerie Jardin leads!  She brings a great spirit to each workshop - spending her time with the group as we go exploring a wonderful city like Paris.  Her spirit is infectious - and the participants all come away just feeling good about the experience - along with capturing many wonderful street images!  I highly recommend Valerie's street photography workshops - they just don't come any better!"  -- Scott Loftesness, Menlo Park, California. (Several times Paris, Rome and San Francisco workshop participant)


“To be in Paris for an entire week is the perfect place for a Street Photographer. And to be on Valeries workshop, made the experience even more special. As someone who knows Paris so well, she shares her enthusiasm, sense of fun, and favourite places generously - not only iconic spots but those less known. You will see Paris from a different perspective. Valerie has the ability to make everyone feel relaxed, at the same time challenged, to make the most of their existing interests and abilities - no matter what level. The workshop was an opportunity to make new friendships with Street Photographers from different parts of the world - I have no hesitation in recommending Valeries workshop to others. Thank you Valerie.”  Gail, New Zealand (Paris Sept. 2018)

"This was my second workshop with Valerie, having done a week in Rome 18 months ago which changed my photography for ever - I learned a huge amount! Valerie is extremely positive, encouraging and approachable and works so hard with all her students, adapting her teaching to suit their personalities and differing levels of experience. She is expert at revealing the essential and contrasting styles of the host cities to our lenses, and the workshops are very well planned and organised while there's also plenty of scope for variations if the group wishes for that. 
I came away from this recent weekend with a wide range of images of Paris and its people that will enable me to illustrate the story of my visit. Listening to Valerie describing the visual opportunities at each location is a rich source of artistic inspiration and practical learning & revision for anybody, and so I strongly recommend her workshops to any street photographer, novice or experienced."
-- Mark, UK.


"I have done many workshops locally (Australia) and Internationally and I have to say the Paris workshop with Valerie was the best shooting workshop I have done. The opportunity to see Paris from the perspective of someone French and learn how to improve my street photography (all about the light/get closer etc etc) was just fantastic. I'm now going home to digest the information and practice in my home town- and maybe, just maybe, turn up somewhere in Europe for another of Valerie's workshops at another time!" Vicki Moritz, Australia

"I just completed Valerie's Paris workshop and all I can say is wow! Valerie has designed this workshop so that photographers at all levels can enjoy the time and grow their skills. We had both professional and amateur photographers in our class but everyone was equal on the streets of Paris. Valerie is warm and generous in her teaching and my other workshop participants were equally generous and encouraging. I have finished the class with a greater understanding and appreciation for street photography and the desire to continue to hone my street skills. This was my first workshop with Valerie but it won't be my last! I am already signed up for San Francisco in November. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a very special week."  Louise, USA

"I have just experienced my first visit to Paris.  I attended Valerie's Paris workshop and had a great time.  I feel really fortunate to have seen parts of Paris that tourists do not necessarily get to see as we moved around to local hangouts and observed life from a birds eye view.  Valerie is a very talented and informative street photographer who understands how to show beginners right through to professional photographers the art of taking great fly on the wall shots that tell a story.  A memorable time with a great group."  Fran Melbourne Australia.


"I have been a huge fan of Valerie's work for some time now and so attended her Paris workshop with high expectations. From the very first day I knew I would not be disappointed. Valerie's knowledge and skills as a street photographer, coupled with her boundless enthusiasm, infectious energy and down-to-earth and friendly manner made for an unforgettable and rewarding experience. I learned so much over the week and saw a noticeable difference in the quality of my photographs as each day passed. I now 'hit the streets' with a toolkit and confidence I did not possess before Valerie's workshop". Michelle Hill, Melbourne, Australia

"I’ve spent a lot of time in Paris taking photographs but this week with Valerie Jardin doing her street photography workshop changed the way I look at people and scenes.  I learnt so much from Valerie who is very generous with sharing her time, knowledge and passion for street photography.  I’m now much more comfortable taking pictures of people, waiting for just the right moment and shooting in black and white.  This has been a wonderful week spent with a great group of people who love street photography in the beautiful city of Paris.  Thank you, Valerie." Susan Astor-Smith, Sydney, Australia.  May 2016.

"I have attended several of Valerie's workshops, and always learn something new at each one. Valerie's love of photography, her love and familiarity with Paris, and her patience in sharing her knowledge with others, make her the perfect person to lead a street photography workshop in this magical city! Be prepared to walk and to experience Paris from a new point of view, and to have a wonderful time as you capture unique images of this city."  Susan Goudge, Tennessee


"Valerie, The Paris street photography workshop was truly an unforgettable experience.  You have a unique ability to create a relaxed yet challenging experience for photographers who want to improve their skills and learn new photographic techniques in a great location.  I had no idea how much fun and different street photography could be.  I brought home some amazing shots, learned new techniques and made wonderful new friends on the trip.  Thanks for your special attention to the details and for leading us throughout this wonderful experience.  I will definitely be signing up for another travel workshop in 2015."  Chris

"I loved every minute of our workshop! Valerie’s warmth and passion for her city and for photography is contagious and she put us all at ease immediately as a group. I learned so much experientially watching Valerie and others. I appreciated each person in the group and hope to see them again on one of Valerie’s workshops." Sherry P. Santa Barbara, CA.

"For everyone who loves street photography and wants to improve his/her skills participating in one of Valerie’s workshops is a must. I had the chance to attend in January the Paris weekend-workshop with Valerie and a group of new friends from all over the world. What an amazing experience and wonderful camaraderie very difficult to describe in a few words. Valerie is undoubtfuly an outstanding street photographer but also she a remarkable trainer and a high professional organiser. She has a unique talent of transferring her knowledge sharing her experience and on the same time she has the ability to bring out the best of you. Please be aware that her passion of street photography is highly contagious. So don’t be surprised when after the workshop you find yourself going around carrying everywhere your camera. Valerie’s workshops is an opportunity which should not be missed." Vassilis Paros-Greece


"I have known Valérie for quite a while through her photography, her posts on Facebook, her podcasts, etc. I finally had the chance to meet her face to face while enrolling in her workshop in Paris! I can say that this workshop was way beyond my expectations! I have taken photography classes before but this was a completely different experience. Not only did I discovered Paris while not being a tourist, I also experienced 'street photography' which is a totally different way of taking on photography. Valérie explained how to bring out the best of the situation, where to stand, when to click, etc. One can easily see Valérie's passion for photography. It's remarkable and contagious. She is a terrific teacher, always patient, giving advice to her students and sharing her tips and tricks. The program Valérie prepared was also well balanced, giving opportunities to do photo walks in small groups, sharing knowledge, relaxing and enjoying the French way of life!
The critique session and the presentation made by other students were also very useful and inspiring. By the second day I had already felt more confident. I even dared to share my pictures after the workshop!
More importantly, I made new friends from Canada, the States and Australia and it was really interesting to spend time with passionate photographers from different backgrounds.
Thank you Valérie for making this workshop a great adventure!
No doubt I will enroll in another workshop pretty soon!"

Magali, Belgium

"When I registered for a week in Paris with Valérie Jardin, I didn’t really know what to expect.  I knew very little about street photography, I’d never been to Paris and I was concerned that I didn’t have the appropriate skill level to ‘keep up’ with the rest of the group. I’ve just returned home from that trip and cannot begin to describe what a positive week it was!  Valérie is a terrific teacher who planned a series of amazing experiences for the group.  We visited markets and neighbourhoods and even a few landmarks. I realize now that we were seldom indoors; we were experiencing the Paris of the Parisians themselves.  As the week progressed, I found myself thinking about the light, the background, the story, the repeating patterns and, most importantly, the perfect person for the particular moment.  The photo sharing and critique sessions were extremely helpful;  learning to love black and white was game changing.  I made wonderful new friends from all over the world and completely changed what I see 'through my lens'.  Thank you, Valérie for creating such an inspirational workshop.  I hope to join you for another trip very soon!" Judy R. Vancouver, Canada


"I just completed the most amazing week in Paris with Valerie, and 8 new friends from all over the world! Intentionally pushing myself into a new genre of street photography was incredibly rewarding. Valerie's passion and expertise shines through in her teaching, and best of all, she showed us Paris through the eyes of a local. This was the most unique travel experience I have ever had an highly recommend her workshops to anyone who wants to expand their photography skills." Kelly Marley

"Valerie Jardin is an energetic and extremely competent teacher who has helped me begin to master the art of street photography.  Her enthusiasm is contagious!  During this past week in Paris, we walked to different key spots around the city, taking pictures and learning how to really "see" and photograph the daily activities of average and not-so-average Parisians.  We watched them walking their dogs, sipping their coffee and wine, reading their books, and interacting with each other in the cafés, the markets, the streets and the parks.  Obviously, once you've figured this out, you can take what you've learned and use it to photograph all over the world. I've loved photography for a long time but have never felt sure of myself when photographing people in my world travels.  Now, thanks to Valerie,  I feel as if I'm moving in a whole new direction with my photos. Thank you, Valerie, for inspiring me to stretch myself and expand my artistic horizons. The course was everything I'd hoped it would be." Susie N.

"As I am a rank amateur, I was able to absorb an immense amount of knowledge. In summary, I have acquired some fundamental principles from this workshop:

  • Street photography is more than the mechanical process of snapping pictures of street scenes with a camera. Extraordinary street photography can be taken with my fixed lens Ricoh pocket camera, and not necessarily, with my four-times-as-expensive Sony a7RII with a 24-240mm lens.

  • One doesn’t have to look through, either a viewfinder or LCD display, to capture the image. Also, the image can be cleverly captured, in a reflection from a glass window, from the water surface of the Seine, or, even, as in the famous iconic shot of the Eiffel Tower, from a sunglass reflection. Of course, there is also the ubiquitous wine glass reflection, as in a rare color photo of a belle parisienne, taken by our intrepid leader. Moreover, the camera does not need to be held horizontally level, or even at eye level.

  • I’ve taken thousands of picture-perfect - without people - static images; however, I have learned that pictures can be dynamic,with people, and tell a story.

  • Photographs in black and white can be more powerfully effective, as it focuses one’s eye on the subject, or the motion/action of the subject.

  • Taking a picture is not just clicking the shutter button - but, WAITING, and being patient to - allow a moving subject/object, a person, dog, bird, or a person riding a bicycle, to, enter the frame. Additionally the person/object, can sometimes cast an interesting angled shadow, before snapping the picture.

  • A captured image can be improved with post-processing.

  • Round table discussions of pictures can offer positive criticism where one can learn new techniques.

  • Street photography is challenging, but can be most gratifying.

So, I can, enthusiastically, recommend this workshop to anyone and everyone, especially a Francophile. The workshop also provided an wonderful opportunity to meet new friends, who are special, because of a shared passion for street photography." Gene, 'Flâneur parisien' from SF, USA


"I've been an admirer of Valerie Jardin's photographic style for some time and was thrilled to be able to join her Paris Photography Workshop. She has an easy, very personable approach to teaching, which made the experience of shooting street photography less intimidating. I came away wishing the time spent was much longer, but knowing that I'd been given tools to bring my photographs to the next level." Eleanor Matthews, Augusta, GA (Weekend workshop)

"It doesn't get much better than spending a few days in Paris with Valerie - she's a superb guide to the Paris street photography experience. Paris is magical for photography - Valerie helps ensure that you can see and capture those magical moments."  Scott Loftesness

"What a great way to spend the weekend. One of my favourite cities doing one of my favourite pastimes - photography and street shooting with like minded people and an exceptional host in Valerie. I have come away with a smile on my face, some real classic images in my camera andeight new friends. What an investment!"  Graham Bridgeman-Clarke Rayleigh, Essex, England. (Weekend workshop)

"This was a professionally run workshop from the first evening of Valerie sharing street photography concepts and techniques through the various locations where we did our shooting through the critique/sharing session at the end. I left the weekend very re-energized from two days of creativity and great came(a)raderie, good fun."  Stefan, Geneva. (Weekend workshop)

"I'm new to photography and especially street photography - so meeting up in Paris with Valerie and several very talented photographers was a great way to jump into this hobby. Valerie's expertise and ability to build a cohesive group that was able to walk the streets and share ideas and learn from each other was excellent. I had a great time and hope to do more in the future."  Patrick Foughty, Stuttgart, Germany (Weekend workshop)

“Trip of a lifetime, my wife and I wanted to return to Paris but do something different.  There is nothing like a week of focused effort on your favorite subject with your favorite hobby guided by someone who deeply cares about both. We came away with new shooting skills and friends from the workshop.”  John and Lisa Taylor


"My 15 year old daughter and I attended Valerie's workshop because the idea of Paris and an expert photographer's tuition was a combination we couldn't let pass. The workshop was all we could have dreamt of! Fantastic locations, fabulous food, superb hotel and all shared with a wonderful group of enthusiastic people with a passion for photography.  We had such a lovely time, learnt so much and we will treasure the memories (and the photos!) Merci Valerie!" Mandy Robb, Australia

In thinking about what you offered us as learning opportunities, considering value received and my earlier life experiences, I can honestly say that I learned volumes beyond my expectations and at an excellent price point.  I also had one heck of a fine time in a stunningly beautiful part of the World while making some new and likely lifelong friendships. Thanks to you, I also have a marvelous collection of resulting images to back up the above impressions of the "Paris Through Your Lens" experience." Martin McKenzie, Columbia, SC

"Valerie's love for and skill in capturing moments is contagious!  Every day while participating in her workshop I was at once inspired and overwhelmed!  Around the third day, when I thought I could not take another step, she would say something about one of my photos either encouraging or simply pointing out how it might have been better, and I was compelled to keep pushing forward.  The things I learned are timeless and can be applied to any situation - travel, family event, special occasion, indoors, outdoors.  I fully expect all my photos to improve as a result of this week in Paris with Valerie! " Melanie from Madison, MS

"For anyone with a love of photography and wishing to improve their skills by extending their vision of the world through their lens, the workshop " Paris Through Your Lens", held in the French capital, by Valérie Jardin, is something not to be missed. The combination of world class photographers for instructors, excellent accommodation and dining as well as wonderful camaraderie, provided an unforgettable experience designed to enhance one's photographic ability together with the series of shoots at numerous picturesque locations throughout Paris. I am very grateful to Valérie for providing this once in a lifetime opportunity which has markedly improved the quality and composition of my photos. I have also made a great group of new friends that I hope to meet again some time in the future, hopefully at another of Valérie's photo adventures! I highly recommend this workshop." Denise M Lawry, Melbourne, Australia

“Had a great weekend in Paris learning street photography from the very talented and inspiring Valerie Jardin. She creates a wonderful environment for all her students to learn and bond and enhance their skills. Bring good walking shoes as you will be guided to many fantastic photo locations. Definitely recommend!” ~ Ian, UK

“It is so amazing how Valérie drives the group for each one to progress, and how she creates a very friendly atmosphere within the group. It was my first workshop ever, and I will sign as soon as possible for another one with her.” ~ Fabienne, Paris. 


“Paris in January is wonderful for Street photographers. It’s all about the light and the fact, that there are rarely tourists. But when you have Valerie around you and when she shows you special places and special moments, than that is the best thing you can do on a January-Weekend. I learn a lot, when she explains how she read a picture and when she show the group how to use a special light-situation. She was so helpful for me, to improve my skills. Don’t think about new gear, think about a workshop.” ~ Christof T.  Germany

“The weekend workshop is a great way to start or to boost your love for street photography. Valerie is a very enthusiastic, outreaching person with a clear view on this subject which see transfers with great joy and dedication to her students. She has the ability to connect a group of strangers in a short period of time.  She knows her way around in Paris, so it were 2 days well spend. No time wasted! I can easily understand why participants return for more workshops. If you consider a workshop on street photography, I'll absolutely can recommend this one.” ~ Mariette, the Netherlands

“I attended for a second year Valerie’s weekend-workshop in Paris. Without wanting to repeat myself and what I wrote last year about the workshop and Valerie’s abilities to conduct the different sessions,  I find that her “oeil vivant” in selecting her subjects becomes a tremendous source of inspiration and motivation for those who are passionate about street photography and have the opportunityto attend her workshops." ~ Vassilis-Paros island Greece

"I attended Valerie’s weeklong Paris workshop in April 2017. I found it an educational and highly enjoyable experience. Valerie’s guidance helped me to see photographs I would not have seen previously, and helped me to see and find the elements of very good street photographs. Valerie was always available on the photo walks for specific personal guidance and teaching moments. My photography composition, artistry and ability to “see” a strong situation for a photograph increased significantly. The workshop was just the right mix of photo walks, time for image review, a bit of extra personal sightseeing near the photo walk locations, food and fun with a great group - all in the amazing city of Paris. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in street photography." Ira Sachs, April 2017.

"I would recommend the Paris workshop to anyone who wants to step up their street skills while also spending a week in one of the world’s great cities.  I have been on a couple of other photography workshops and this was the best learning experience. It was well organized and Valerie is a terrific teacher, intent on helping each participant grow in their abilities.  I am getting better images as a result of participating, which has given me greater motivation to get out and shoot more often." - Ardwin, New Jersey. 


"This was my first workshop with Valérie, but definitely not my last. From the initial presentation up to the final photo critique session, Valérie shares her passion for photography with the group and everybody gets infected. We had a lot of fun and got beautiful pictures from this great weekend!" Thomas Herrmann, Germany

"I recently attended Valerie’s April 2017 weekend photography workshop in Paris. It was an extraordinary experience! I learned a great deal about street photography and about seeing photographically. Thanks to Valerie’s impassioned and patient teaching I was able to step out of my comfort zone and come away with some very nice pictures. The photo walk locations were perfect places to explore and practice various street photography techniques. All in all, it was a terrific weekend of photography and camaraderie!" Michelle Picard, Fairfax, VA.

"Attending the workshop opened up a completely new way of seeing! The informal and including atmosphere made it so easy to participate even if I haven’t done much street photography before. I can hardly wait to get back out on the streets of Paris to play around with all that I learned." Christina Sepúlveda, Norway (Paris March 2018)

"Good fun in a relaxing environment, Valerie’s workshop is is very easy to plug into, and there’s plenty to experiment with which makes for a great learning opportunity" Jeremy M, Australia. (Paris March 2018)

“The street photography workshop during the weekend with Valerie was a great experience and source of new inspirations for my own photography attempts. She is a great source of knowledge and able to transfer and share her experience in a patient and passionate way. Her humanity and love for Paris made me see some places and locations in a new way and was a perfect basis for photography exercises.“ Peter Gerhard, Germany (Paris March 2018)

"Valerie’s workshop is the best!  You’ll get lots of great tips to help you find your best shots.  But more than that, Valerie reminds you that capturing people and their stories should always be fun. Whether you’re on the shy side or the bold side, beginner or advanced, Valerie meets you where you are and then encourages you to take a few steps out of your comfort zone.  The workshop is a blast and you’ll leave with new friends, new confidence and more compelling shots."  Richard Wexler, USA (Paris March 2018)

“The 2018 weekend workshop with Valerie in Paris was really inspiring. Valerie showed us a huge variety of techniques for street photography. On two photowalks, we were able to practice in the street of beautiful Paris. Valerie showed us a diverse set of her favorite spots for street photography in Paris, which was amazing. I'm motivated to shoot street more than ever. Thank you so much Valerie!” Frank Meffert, Germany (Sept. 2018 weekend workshop)

“I had been following Valerie's work on Instagram and her podcasts for over a year when I signed up for this workshop. Even though I felt like I was in a rut for the last 3 months before this workshop, Valerie helped me find the inspiration I needed. It was my second time in Paris, and the experience of walking the streets with Valerie is so much different than walking around as a tourist. Can't thank you enough Valerie! And hopefully, see you one day in Istanbul.” Vedat Ilel, Turkey (Sept. 2018 weekend workshop)

“Thank you very much for everything. Your passion and talent for street photography is very clear. And your willingness to share that passion is also very clear and appreciated. This past workshop was my favorite on many levels. Who can't fall in love with the streets of Paris and create some memorable images?” Tim Hammond, Wi, USA (Paris Sept. 2018)

“It was a great workshop. Valeria is very supportive and uses constructive criticism to assist photographers to improve their level of skill regardless of where they are starting from.”  Pam. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. (Paris Sept. 2018)

"I'll say it again, but you are an extraordinary teacher who radiates such a positive vibe for street photography that anyone who doesn't attend a workshop with you is truly missing out. I'll see you again - I'm certain of it." CheyAnne B (Sept 2018 Paris Weekend Workshop)

Article written by one of my students relating her experience in Paris under my mentorship published in THE GUARDIAN :)



“Over the years I’ve taken many photography workshops from a number of instructors - and by far my favorites on location are the workshops that Valerie Jardin leads! She brings an infectious spirit to her workshops that’s a positive stimulation for my work. I highly recommend Valerie’s workshops - they’re just the best.” — Scott Loftesness, Menlo Park, CA. Sept 2019

"I've been on two of Valérie's workshops and I'll be back for more. She runs trips that are a perfect mix of photography and photo-tourism. Just enough with the group and time on your own. That she has so many repeat clients really says it all. On the last trip, all but one of us had been on a workshop with Valérie before.” Doug Kaye. Sept. 2019

“We have recently returned from Valerie Jardin’s 2019 spring tour of Normandy, and we found it to be excellent as both a photo excursion and an opportunity to enjoy visiting diverse locations throughout Normandy.  We were able to photograph in medieval villages, bustling local markets, iconic locations (such as Mont Saint Michel and D-Day sites), as well as to make environmental portraits in an artist village setting. Our experience was enhanced all along the way by Valerie’s insightful assistance and encouragement.  The small-group critique sessions provided personal feedback and the comments received were very useful. The logistics for the trip were excellent, including the quality of the hotel in Cabourg, daily transportation arrangements, and the group dinners. We would also acknowledge that the daily pace of this photo excursion was absolutely appropriate, in terms of the duration of daily activities, group gatherings, and “time off” on our own.  Our Normandy experience will compel us to travel again with Valerie in the future, and we certainly recommend her photo excursions to others.” John and Sue Nelson, May 2019

“I was feeling a little jaded with my photography until I spent a week on a “Chasing Light - Telling Stories” workshop in Normandy with Valerie Jardin.  With her generous teaching ability she really brings the area alive which led me to re-discover my passion for the small details I like to photograph and inspired me to think of different projects to explore when I return home.  Valerie was born in Normandy so she knows the special places to go and she also knows how to encourage and bring out the best in you by suggesting you look at different angles and perspectives, really explore a subject and not be afraid to experiment.   She is passionate about photography and also about teaching which is a rare thing to find.  If you want to take your photography to another level and have fun doing it then I highly recommend Valerie’s workshops.  After the week with Valerie I fell in love with my camera again.”    Sue Astor-Smith, May 2019

“I still can't believe I was fortunate enough to spend a week with Valerie in Normandy. It was my first multiple day workshop, so I really had no expectations.I think my bar for the "next one" is set really high. The workshop was extremely well planned, with nothing for me to do except photograph.  Knowing that Valerie was from the region was one of my biggest reasons for going on this workshop....and I was not disappointed.I truly left with a sense (and pictures) of the region, the landscape, the architecture and the people!  Not only do I think I am a much better photographer I also now have a way of approaching the locations I will go to in the future. Valerie was always available, positive, encouraging and had boundless energy so that our days were FILLED with opportunities for photography. I would highly recommend attending a workshop with Valerie.” Cindy Nelson, USA  

A week in Normandy with Valérie Jardin and seven other photographer-wannabes like me was a dream come true. Valérie's boundless energy and unbridled enthusiasm for photography and teaching made this workshop immensely rewarding. She has organized the week superbly, covering a large swath of Normandy from Honfleur to Mont Saint Michel and arranged the daily schedules with a perfect mixture of group and free time. Valérie launched the week with an overview of how to think about composition and light with examples from her own portfolio which was really good food-for-thought, and after that she makes herself available to one and all encouraging, suggesting, and discussing this passion we call photography. I highly recommend any workshop with Valérie and just know you'll come away a better photographer with new found skills, just as I did." Claudia Ward, Bridgehampton, NY

"I pursued photography workshops to reignite my love of making pictures, something I set aside for a number of years.  I was looking for something that would stretch the way I see things and interact with the environment in which I was.  I believed Valérie’s Normandy workshop would offer both to me.  Her focus is on street photography, something I had never attempted, and I had never traveled through Normandy.  The workshop did not disappoint!  I learned that street photography isn’t as intimidating as I thought and most people love having a picture made of them - or they will definitely let me know.  As a native, Valérie’s selection of locations in Normandy provided not only a wonderful perspective of the region, but, more importantly, an introduction to places that would have been much more difficult to find without her intimate local knowledge.  She provided valuable constructive feedback on my images that has moved me forward on my photographic journey.  Valérie’s planning made the logistics of a multi-destination workshop a non-event.  I experienced a new part of the world, made new friends, and learned a lot.  I couldn’t have asked for more." Helen Wagner

"Definitely recommend!!!!  Wonderful experience in every way thanks to your professional manner and enthusiasm.  Your energy is incredible and you are an inspiration." ~ Gail. UK


"If your passion is photography, attending one of Valerie Jardin's photography workshops would be a great way to give your photography a serious boost. The Normandy workshop was an opportunity to photograph some of the world's most iconic settings from Mont St. Michel to the D-Day beaches. Our hotel accommodations and dining were outstanding throughout the week. Valerie treats each one of the workshop participants as if he/she were the only student participating in the workshop. She points out potentially great shots as you pursue your photo walks and then gives great advice as you do your post production. I heartily recommend Valerie's workshops . You will come away from the experience as a better photographer." Linda Chaplin

"As I review my Normandy images, I have had a chance to reflect on the Normandy Workshop in which I participated, ending two weeks or so ago. The Workshop was as described in your information, and I would have been satisfied with that, but it was so much more. I found the pace of the Workshop and sites (sights) visited to be ideal, the hotels and meals well-researched and first-rate (a chateau and Mont St. Michel!), the photography instruction and suggestions made by you to be professional but not pushy, informative without being didactic, and thoughtfully helpful. Serendipitously, the folks on the trip were uniformly interesting and interested in photography. I came away with a sense of friendships made and photographic abilities recognized. Would I change anything? No.  Would I do it again? Yes. Would I recommend it? Of course. Thanks very much." ~ Ford J. Dieth


"Life doesn't get much better than spending a week in Rome with Valérie - she's a superb guide to the street photography experience.  Her love of the genre is contagious - helping me see in new ways in special places - while both learning and having fun together!  She pours herself into her workshops and you come away awakened and refreshed.  Go if you can - magical moments flow!"  -- Scott Loftesness


"I flew all day yesterday from Rome where I had participated with 9 others in a week long photo workshop. We had people from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, Belgium, the United States, and Texas. Five men and five women whose experience levels ranged from well established and well known professionals to amateurs who had been filling family albums and making occasional online postings. Valerie is becoming a Rock Star and yet if you have gone to her website and read her blogs, listened to her podcast, looked at her photos, you know Valerie Jardin. That is exactly who she is. There is no pretension. She is generous with her time, generous with her praise, helpful with our stumbles, clear and appropriate with her critiques, tolerant, and disagrees agreeably. This was my second workshop and other participants had attended many workshops with Valerie. I too hope to attend more. In both that I have attended I have been impressed with how well all get along. Perhaps this is due to a common interest we all share, perhaps this is because we came together as individuals, i.e., we left our partners at home, or as a group we too are tolerant and respectful of differences and learn from one another." John M, Texas.

"Valerie’s vision is an inspiration. She exudes passion for her craft and is equally passionate about helping others learn to create images that effectively show their own vision. Her easy going nature and sense of humour can be infectious. All in all, the week was lots of fun with my new found friends and I would do it all again. If any one is interested in one of her workshops you should book immediately!" Jane Sheers, Australia.


"I just attended my second workshop with Valerie, and once again she did not disappoint. Valerie's workshop will push you as a photographer, you will feel immensely inspired everyday, not only by the beautiful locations that she has scouted for the group, but by your fellow workshop participants and their common interest of learning and growing as artists. Valerie is a patient teacher willing to take time to explain the process involved in capturing amazing street photography images. I came away from this workshop learning even more than I thought I would.  I cannot wait for my next Valerie Jardin photo adventure!" Jennifer Robertson, Saskatchewan, Canada

"This is an ideal way to travel and make great photographs and memories at a very reasonable cost. This was my third workshop with Valerie and I have to say like the others, it was outstanding! The experience of photographing and seeing new places with a great group of like minded people is truly gratifying and stress free. I learned so much through this workshop and I made some wonderful new friends. I learned so much and have grown and improved my skills as a photographer through this workshop. This was an unforgettable experience and I have taken home some great memories. Thank you for such a great workshop." Chris (Quebec)

"Valerie Jardin’s photo workshops are all about “opportunities.” Photographers…whether professional or passionate amateurs…or somewhere in- between, have endless opportunities to improve their craft and see some amazing places in the world at the same time. Valerie specializes in street photography and she encourages her participants to step outside their comfort zones to find “moments” and “details” of life and to tell stories with photography. Photo walks in picturesque places put you right in the midst of life in whatever area of the world you happen to be visiting. Valerie schedules individual time to look at your photos and give suggestions for improvement, but she is always available to answer a quick question or suggest possibilities for effective shots as your group is out and about. Valerie’s workshops are evolving into a wonderful opportunity to practice the craft and art of photography and to make amazing friends. After having attended two of Valerie’s workshops, I highly recommend them." Linda Chaplin


“Valérie’s teaching style is straightforward, clear, and very easily digestible. She has a knack for presenting complex ideas and techniques into a format that is quite accessible -- regardless of one’s level of experience. Valérie’s assignments and demonstrations fall well within any beginner’s ability to grasp and retain, while including plenty for the seasoned practitioner to work with. Her critiquing sessions are insightful and spot-on and her enthusiasm for street photography is inspiring and contagious. Valérie is both a very good photographer and a very good instructor, a rare and unique combination of two very distinct disciplines.”  Chris Foley, Los Angeles, CA

“I thoroughly enjoyed the street photography week in Barcelona with Valérie. Her knowledge, endless enthusiasm and her passion are contagious and motivating. I'd be happy to repeat the experience in another city!” Gabriela B, UK.

“The Barcelona workshop was a truly memorable and enjoyable experience. The way the course was structured meant that we could learn the different techniques in succession with plenty of time for practice. Valerie's patience, expertise and good humour were endless.” Helen Willis, Burton-on-Trent, England.

“Valerie was a dedicated and excellent teacher.  Her photographic style is distinctive and compelling and we felt fortunate to learn from her.”  Karen and Larry Kotner St. Louis, Mo.

“I have just returned from six wonderful days of photography in Barcelona with Valerie Jardin. The week was super-charged; we began with a presentation about street photography and an outline of the week ahead, and then ventured forth with our cameras. We visited different neighbourhoods every day, received some “assignments” to learn new ways of capturing images, enjoyed group critiques and immersed ourselves in photography. Valerie is an extraordinary teacher, sharing her knowledge with patience and humour. Our group wandered the streets, enjoyed some terrific meals, made new friends and came home with happy memories and laptops full of images. This was my fourth workshop with Valerie; every one has been different and entirely satisfying. “Hitting the Streets” with Valerie Jardin is a “must do” experience.” Judy; Vancouver, BC, Canada

“The street photography workshop in Barcelona was amazing! Valerie is an energetic, passionate street photographer who loves teaching and loves finding visual stories on the streets. Can’t wait for my next workshop with Valerie…” Deb V., Minneapolis


"Those three days in Amsterdam have changed my life! I set a challenge for myself...and I feel so proud of what I accomplished. You can be sure that I will be seeing the world a little bit differently after spending that time with you! Thank you again.  I am so glad I met you and that I decided to go on the workshop." Allison Thiel, Amsterdam April 2017


“The discovery of street photography has been life changing for me. This little understood genre includes all of the creativity of any art form while embracing the practicality of technical photography. Valérie has a unique approach to teaching this art of discovery of the every day life through photography. Her workshops are perfect for the beginner as well as the advanced photographer. The days are packed full of learning, fun, camaraderie and creativity. As a frequent attendee I can strongly recommend these workshops if you really want to up your game.” Deborah Cole. TX. August 2019

“Valérie’s workshop was superb: laid back while providing a tonne of practical info, not only on technique (panning! silhouettes! midday/shadow photography!) but also on other practicalities: photo selection, workflow, etc. I highly recommend taking it if you’re even so slightly consider it, and I already booked my next one.” Piotr Szotkowski, Poland. August 2019

“Thanks for the amazing days in Berlin. My attempts at street photography in the past had been disappointing. The photos were kind of „overcrowded“. Valerie is a great teacher. She showed me a way to make photos in a minimalistic style. The pieces fell into place pretty quick. She hooked me on street photography and the things I've learned are a great way to improve my travel and people photography as well.” Roland, Munich Germany August 2019

“This was my first experience with one of Valerie's workshops, and it exceeded my expectations! From the opening presentation to the hands-on instruction I received in the field, I felt as though I was part of the group (even thought I had far less experience than many of the other attendees). Valerie took the time to work with me one-on-one, to answer my questions and help me problem-solve so that I might get the kinds of shots I was after. Her critique was the perfect combination of kind and honest, and provided the specific advice I needed so that I may genuinely improve. Plus, her sense of humor and overall positive attitude was a delight. I hope to attend another workshop soon.” Lauren McClanahan, WA. August 2019

“Berlin is my third workshop with Valérie Jardin and it's still a great experience. Valérie's workshop combines photo practicing and conviviality in a relaxed atmosphere. "A picture is worth a thousand words", so take a look at her pics and you'll understand why I'm a big fan of her photos and workshops! I'll definitely sign up for a 4th workshop (if she still wants me...). Mille mercis Valérie !! :-)” Valérie Vaillant - France


“Valerie is the best photography teacher you can have. She walks with you on the streets, gives real-time suggestions, and is very welcoming and approachable. She approaches photography with a spirit of fun, which helped me overcome my fear of photographing people on the streets. My skills in telling stories and conveying emotions through my photographs improved dramatically over the two days I spent in Valerie's workshop. I highly recommend her to any beginning and experienced photographer!" - Daniel Lim, NYC

“Valerie Jardin is an amazing person and teacher. Two days in New York to learn about methods, have hours of street shooting, and in-depth critique that was positive and useful. I came away from Valerie's workshop knowing so much more about light and shadow, composition, gesture and emotion, silhouettes, humor, and post-processing (minimal, enough to tell the story) than I've gained from many hours of online videos. Valerie was so pleasant and always willing to discuss techniques and strategies, and, what I needed most, being a strong supporter of one's sense of vision. Cannot recommend her workshops highly enough.” D. E. Lee

"I’ve attended a number of workshops and I have to say that Valerie Jardin’s NYC session was hands down the best photo learning experience I’ve ever had. It was also the most fun! Valerie is a gifted photographer, wonderful teacher, and superb workshop leader who makes everyone feel comfortable and valued. During two intensive days, we learned terrific techniques and tactics for capturing compelling images that tell a story and gained a wealth of information about getting the most out of our cameras on the street. Most important for me, I gained a new appreciation for asking “why” when evaluating my shots. That’s a takeaway I’ll be applying to all of my future photographic pursuits. My only regret is that the workshop lasted only two days!" Steve Bennett, Cambridge, MA    

“I was so excited to be able to participate in a street photography workshop with Valerie Jardin and it exceeded all expectations! This was a 2 day workshop in NYC, the balance of classroom presentations with the time on the streets was perfect. Valerie has the process down, a true professional and attentive teacher, she finds the time to give individual attention while keeping the class moving and everyone learning from her vast breadth of knowledge. Her passion and experience for all aspects of street photography is wonderfully conveyed, I came away with not only a great deal more technical knowledge on how to improve my street photography, but also a deeper appreciation for street photography as an art form, it's social significance as well ideas on how to compose your shots with sales in mind. Everything you could ask for and more. Valerie is also very helpful for those who have a fear of photographing strangers, addresses the ethical questions of street, the importance of always being respectful and candid vs. portraits.  Some other topics I appreciated where, when to use color vs. black and white, being ever mindful of shadow and light, how to "see" photographically, social media advice, the editing process, on and on. It was also a lot of fun! Valerie is fun to be with and attracts participants that are serious about the subject matter, fully engaged and very eager to help others in the class in anyway they can. A great group of folks from all over that made mealtimes and breaks fun and educational as well. I will be taking another workshop with Valerie soon and if you have any interest in street photography, I highly recommend you look into her workshops, books, podcasts and webinars. Thank you Valerie!” Bruce N Murray

"I consider myself a fairly competent street photographer as I've been doing it for years & am constantly practicing. However, I still enjoy going to workshops, especially ones hosted by Valerie.  What makes Valerie's street photography workshops so helpful & enjoyable is the hands on support & guidance if needed. On top of this she has an easy going personality, unique ability to bring in other photographers with similar passion, has ideal location for street photography and has a very informative introductory presentation & final critiques. I've been with Valerie in Minneapolis, Paris, Los Angeles, and now New York City and I have learned something new every time and met some really cool people. I'm already starting to think about the next workshop to participate." Steve Brokaw, Indianapolis


"I recently had the pleasure of spending a weekend in New York City with Valérie Jardin and nine other enthusiastic street photographers.  I have been on workshops with Valérie before, but, since she is constantly learning and deepening her own understanding of the power of photography, her workshop presentations and on the street assistance are always new, thought provoking and inspiring.  In just two days, I have increased my ability to “see photographically”, to tell stories with images and to use light and shadow to add interest.  From the introductory classroom session to the thoughtful critiques at the end, the weekend was packed with learning, experience and the pleasure of spending time with other street photographers.  Thanks, Valérie, for all of it!" Judy from Vancouver

"The most valuable part of the experience for me was to work with two great photographers at the same time --who have what I think are such different approaches to the art. Valerie makes images with great formalism; almost a painterliness. These are photographs which I can only look at with awe. James tells stories in a single frame. Finding these narratives is a way of seeing the world to which I aspire. The opportunity to see each of them approach a scene from such different perspectives is very enlightening." Derek Dewees, New York

"Thanks Valerie and James for a great workshop. I learned how to make better street and urban landscape photos as well some valuable new technical skills from you both and from other course participants. I highly recommend this course." Simon, New York.

"The New York street photography workshop with Valerie Jardin and James Maher was amazing. I have been to New York City many times, but this was quite a unique and different experience that challenged my photographic skills. I would never have been able to see and capture these kind of images on my own. It really does make a difference when you have two professional photographers showing you where to go, what to look for, and how to shoot street photography. I saw New York City in a totally different way. Thanks so much Valerie and James." Christine, Buckingham, Quebec, Canada


"I have just attended the Valerie Jardin and James Maher NYC Weekend Street Photography Workshop.  Congratulations on an excellent small group workshop; the combination of Valerie and James was perfect.  Both as leaders and mentors they graciously inspired, encouraged and shared their immense photographic and street knowledge with a delightful group of fellow aspiring photographers. The different styles of the leaders were refreshing and their infectious love of photography, set against the incredibly rich and diverse backdrop of New York City, made for a soul nourishing and creative weekend.  Thank you, Merci!" Sara Taylor

"Valerie and James are great workshop leaders, sharing their experiences and skills with the group.  I have no hesitation recommending either of them for your next workshop destination.  In fact, I will be returning to NYC for some one on one with James, hopefully in the near future."  Steve Graham, Virginia Beach

"The NYC Photo workshop was an amazing experience. I learned a lot of interesting concepts regarding street photography and really appreciated getting the perspectives and techniques of both Valerie and James. As a bonus, I learned so much more about New York City! Meeting and learning from the other participants was also a fun experience." Kimberly, Washington, D.C.

"This was my first photography workshop, and was delighted it was with valerie!  I actually met valerie a couple of years ago, and we have become friends.  i’ve gone shooting with her before, but really wanted to experience one of her workshops.  I was not disappointed.  i’ve seen her presentation at different venues (FujiLove Live, PPE, etc.), and she always changes it up, makes it new.  I take something new away from it every time.  valerie is very hands on with her students.  she’s out in the street with us the whole time, making herself available to all of us.  she makes every effort to spend time with each of her 10 students individually, to help them with their specific questions. she makes it fun and casual, and very enjoyable!   I also really enjoyed learning from the other participants!  I picked up a couple of new techniques over the weekend.  :)  I really enjoyed spending time with people who have a passion for street photography, and came out of it with new friends.  I highly recommend participating in one of her workshops.  i’m totally sold on joining her in Paris for another one.  i’m dying to see that city through her eyes!!" Mel Rolleri


“I had the pleasure of attending Valerie's Minneapolis workshop this past weekend and it went beyond my expectations! Being a fairly new street photographer I was a little nervous but Valerie made us feel at ease. Her presentation to kick off the workshop was excellent and to the point. After introductions and presentation it was time go out and shoot! The locations she chose were perfect for practicing our skills, despite the gloomy weather. As for Valerie as a teacher and mentor, what can I say - she loves to teach and it shows! She was very patient with us while at the same time giving us pointers and being there for questions. The group even learned from each other. This was my first workshop with Valerie and I was not disappointed! I would highly
recommend her workshops if you want a top-notch learning experience. I can't wait to join her again for the Paris workshop next year!”
Jeremy Mendoza, Lincoln, Nebraska (Oct 2019)

"I've been in two of Valerie's workshops and I couldn't be more pleased. She took us to specific locations, gave us pointers, and then let us create. The critique sessions afterwards just added to the overall learning experience." John Brooks, Hastings NE (Oct. 2019)

“Valérie was very generous in sharing her knowledge. Using her feedback of some of my photos at various points during the workshop, I was able to make my photographs so much better than they would have been than if I had simply read her books (which, of course, I have already!). During the workshop, I got to see for myself, what "anticipating the shot" means in practice and how to actually execute anticipating a shot and positioning myself to be in the best position to take the shot without being too obvious, because I got to watch Valérie do it on numerous occasions. Sometimes, knowing that there was a type of shot I had been wanting to capture, Valérie would remember it and point it out to me when she spotted it and I did not.

My two days of shooting in Minneapolis went by so fast! Valérie took the group to several locations in the city, both outdoors and indoors. We shot in streets, a farmer's market, in cafés, inside buildings, through the designs on the glass around a bus stop and so much more. We shot with front light, back light, side light, hard light, soft light, looking into a dark space with almost no light. However, what I learned was how to shoot better street photos anywhere in the world.
Some photographers charge hefty fees for simply allowing you to take photos while in their presence. That is not Valérie's style at all -- she enjoys teaching and was genuinely invested in our learning. At the end of the day's shooting, she had a glass of wine with all who wanted to stay on for a bit and we all got a chance to get to know each other in a way that is not possible while prowling the streets looking for the decisive moment. I will certainly be doing more workshops with Valérie -- hopefully in Europe as well as in the US.”
Swati C, Boston (Oct 2019)

"This past week-end I was a student in your Street Photography Workshop in Minneapolis. I am grateful for your knowledge, patience, encouragement, positivity, and your ability to inspire. My greatest take-away is your attentiveness to thoughtful respect. It’s displayed in your personality, teaching style, as well as your work. This alone will make me a better photographer. Thank you. I will definitely recommend your professional workshop to others and I hope to be able to shoot with you again." Karl Dedolph (Oct 2018 Minneapolis workshop participant)

"I knew going into this that the workshop would be a whirlwind and I'd learn to see/shoot differently but this is simply an understatement. It took me a few days to mentally process the experience. A bonus was to meet such a supportive and talented group of photographers attending the workshop. After it was over I totally understood why people attend these workshops multiple times. It was such a fantastic experience! I wish I could articulate better what a difference it made to work directly with you but I'm struggling to define that. It was just so effortless to go onto the street and search out scenes. I felt like a kid in a candy store all day. Your teaching style made me feel at ease and eager to try everything. I'm usually the shy kid who kind of hangs in background but you and our whole group really made me feel comfortable and empowered." Ellen Brooks, ND


"After following Valérie on social media for a while and admiring her work, I noticed that street photography got my interest more and more. So I signed up for one of her workshops. I found Valérie very inspiring, energetic, encouraging and a wonderful teacher. The best thing that I got out of the workshop, being new to street photography and somewhat nervous about it, was that Valérie inspired and helped me to step up my shooting and creative process. It is fair to say she got me hooked to this genre of story telling. New street adventures ahead, that is for sure! What a wonderful experience this was." Sandra Postma

"Thanks Valerie for a wonderful Street Photography workshop. Two things set this apart and made it a truly worthwhile experience: First, an inspirational and supportive environment to experiment and learn. Second, a wonderful and diverse group of participants from a variety of backgrounds and interests, all united in a common passion for photography. Highly recommended!" Denis, NJ  

"The workshop has been one of my best experiences so far as a photographer. Valerie summarized her street photography principles so well; and with such enthusiasm and energy, that I felt my photography improving even with the first shooting session." Rick Riddle, Minneapolis, MN

"I really enjoyed Valérie’s street photography workshop. It was a great learning experience. Although I take lots of pictures walking the streets of a city, that is the first time I was “shooting street photography”.  Her process puts you in a more focused state of mind and pushes you to appreciate the little details that day to day passersby often overlook and unnoticed." Serge M. Indianapolis, IN

"Valerie provided a terrific learning experience that was relaxed and very useful."  —  Jesse, Anchorage

"What a fantastic workshop Valerie! I feel we had the perfect balance of just enough classroom time to street shooting time. It was so much fun watching and learning from you during the workshop. We had a great set of varied locations which was perfect and kept things fresh and interesting each time we went out to shoot. I can't wait to attend more of your workshops from other locations in the future. Thanks for the fun and learning experiences!" Shawn Brezny Twin Cities, MN

"Valerie Jardin's photo workshop was a great way to learn some new outside-the-box skills and get over the fear of approaching people on the street.  I came away from this workshop inspired to do more to tell personal stories with photography.  The techniques are useful regardless of what genre of photography one is interested in.  Great class size, and lots of interaction with an interesting, dynamic instructor." Dave Dufour, Elkhart, Indiana


"Whatever your skill level you will be certain to learn from this workshop. Valerie always has helpful suggestions that go beyond her formal presentation: pointing out possible photo opportunities at the various venues or sharing observations during the critique. She always relates to her participants in a friendly and supportive manner. Thank you very much for a delightful workshop!" Mary, California

"Valérie’s love for her craft is infectious and her energy boundless. She is generous with her time and knowledge, and challenged me to think about creative ways to get shots that don’t rely on tricks or post-processing. I recommend her workshops to anyone who wants to become a better photographer." Ian Joyce, NC USA

"Your workshop gave me some new techniques to work on, some new paths to advancement. For example, shooting through windows and raindrops (or smoke, lattices, etc.) is a filtering technique I’ve been fully aware of -- and enjoy in other people’s photos -- yet just realized at the workshop how infrequently I look for it or use it." Fred Fox


"I participated in a workshop with Valerie and Ibarionex in Los Angeles, CA.  This was my first ever workshop, and I could not have been happier with the value received from both leaders.  We were given inspiration, tips and challenges at the beginning of the first day, and those were reinforced throughout the 2 days.  We were each given ample attention from both leaders, and as you might expect they are both very approachable. I would absolutely recommend a workshop with either (or both), and already plan on taking another one with Valerie next year." Ryan K. 


"This workshop led by Valerie and Ibarionex was extraordinarily valuable and well organized.  The combination of lectures (just the right amount), making photos, eating, drinking, critiques, and camaraderie was all amazing!  We look forward to attending more workshops by Valerie or Ibarionex.  They are two very special, talented, knowledgeable and generous teachers." Gail Ginder

"Our LA photography workshop led by Valerie and Ibarionex was inspiring, motivating and highly educational.   This was my first photography workshop and I was unnecessarily intimidated.  The low-key structure and comfortable environment quickly made me feel at home with my group.   Valerie and Ibarionex have so much talent yet are humble, down to earth, patient and helpful.  Their incredible knowledge and complimentary styles challenged me.  "CREATE an image."  "Use your camera as an extension of yourself. Let it see what you see."  "Think outside of your style. You take beautiful portraits but I want YOU to SEE more than that."  We had ample time to learn, go on photo walks, share advice, stories, tips and enjoy our photos.  Both teachers were so generous with their time and advice.  I sat between them for dinner one night and we shared life stories and photos as friends would do.  I look back on our awesome adventure with immense gratitude, respect and appreciation. Thank you both!  I will definitely take another workshop from both of you!" Barbara Berg, Huntington Beach, California



“I have been following Valerie’s work for a while now, but this was the first time I was able to score a spot in her San Francisco workshop. Her workshops are very hard to get in, and now, I know why. The day started with a presentation which was full of technique as to what to look for when we’re out in the streets. We then have a few hours to hit the streets with Valerie, and apply what we just learned. But to me, the real value was the photo review at the end of our shoot. Valerie gave very actionable criticisms to all of our photos that I learned a lot, even from the other participants photos. That was truly amazing! Valerie is very warm and passionate teacher, and I can’t wait for my next workshop with her.” Celso from Nashua, New Hampshire

"I really enjoyed my time with Valerie at the San Francisco workshop.  Valerie is kind and it is clear that she loves what she is doing.  She is very helpful to novices and more advanced photographers alike.  It was great fun to meet other photographers that became new friends.  I will definitely attend another workshop if I get the chance!"  Amy J., Boise, Idaho.

"Valerie is candid, knowledgable, and is willing to share everything from her style of shooting, techniques, to tricks on how to get "the shot".  I have taken many workshops in the past, but very few I feel connected with the instructors, to the point to say, I want to go back to one of his/her workshops. Valerie left me wanting for more. I can see why her workshops sell out, and why people is willing to take them many times. She is amazing!" - Cyntia Apps

"Valerie was an enthusiastic and knowledgable teacher. Getting immediate feedback and suggestions during the photowalks was most helpful. I loved the critiques, both of my photos and those of the other photographers; Valerie gave useful feedback in a direct and sensitive manner, and I feel I will be able to apply what I learned right away." Susan, Oakland

"I had the opportunity to spend a day in San Francisco at Valerie Jardin’s Street Photography Workshop. It started with a very informative lecture that was full of challenging ideas and suggestions, followed by an inspiring photo walk, and ended with a positive, constructive critique. The critique was especially nice since we all got to see and share perspectives from all the photographers, a great way to learn. Valerie’s passion and enthusiasm is highly contagious. She is extremely knowledgeable, and impressively open to sharing how she accomplishes her style of photography. The day went by too quickly, as life does when you’re having fun. I learned so much and felt a renewed sense of creative inspiration, and look forward to my next chance to join her on a more extensive workshop. It was time well spent."   Kathleen, Sacramento, CA


"Valerie's workshops should be top of your list if you're interested in street photography and love her work. You will gain the insights of a working photographer who has mastered her craft and enjoys sharing her knowledge with her students. Highly recommended!" Alex

"This was my first workshop with Valerie, a one-day whirlwind course in San Francisco. The nine hour schedule was rigorous — planned and timed perfectly to maximize learning in a single day. The workshop covered all the bases: concise presentation, long photowalk through interesting neighborhoods, and the all-important critique. I am impressed with how well Valerie knows the streets of San Francisco. In person (as opposed to her podcast), I found Valerie to be even more passionate about story telling and even more empathetic with the human condition. This is someone who cares about people, and that care is reflected in how she approaches her subjects as well as her students. Valerie is flexible with learning styles and skill levels, and she is mentally (and physically) agile enough to bounce between all participants on the streets to help them (without smothering them). More than anything, Valerie is supremely confident in her skills and instincts. In her podcasts she is a self professed "non-techie" who thrives on a restrictive camera. But seeing her in action leaves little doubt that she is a seasoned, knowledgable, (yes technical), extremely talented and practiced professional photographer. And she has strong opinions about quality. More than anything, I came away from this workshop more confident about when to press the shutter and, more important, when not to press the shutter. I plan to be a repeat customer. It was a fantastic experience." Eric, San Jose, CA.

"Valerie is a fantastic educator and photographer! I took a one-day Street Photography workshop with Valerie in February in San Francisco. The workshop was very well balanced in terms of time spent on lecturing, photo walk, and photo critique in the final student presentation. The workshop covered in detail the important key aspects of street photography (e.g., light/shadow, juxtapositions, looking in/out, gestures), and we practiced those specifically. Valerie was very hands-in, approachable and responsive to questions and issues we wanted to discuss, and those interactions were extremely useful both in terms of working out highly technical challenges, but also, and more importantly, creative, compositional, and philosophical aspects. In particular, I enjoyed that the technical and compositional (story-telling) discussions merged seamlessly as it provided valuable insights into her approach to street photography. I highly recommend this course for beginning and advanced street photographers!” A. Spormann

"So great to catch Valerie's workshop last week. She's not only an impressive photographer to look up to, she is also a thoughtful teacher and kind spirit. I had not done a lot of street photography prior to the class and found hers to be a really great introduction into this style of looking at the world." Jane Hu

"I had the opportunity to spend a day in San Francisco at Valerie Jardin’s Street Photography Workshop. It started with a very informative lecture that was full of challenging ideas and suggestions, followed by an inspiring photo walk, and ended with a positive, constructive critique. The critique was especially nice since we all got to see and share perspectives from all the photographers, a great way to learn. Valerie’s passion and enthusiasm is highly contagious. She is extremely knowledgeable, and impressively open to sharing how she accomplishes her style of photography. The day went by too quickly, as life does when you’re having fun. I learned so much and felt a renewed sense of creative inspiration, and look forward to my next chance to join her on a more extensive workshop. It was time well spent." Kathleen, Sacramento, CA


"Valerie's photos speak for themselves.  She makes it look easy, as the elite tend to in any field.  As a teacher, she's clear, sure of herself, an artist who knows how to help others learn the art.  She's also inviting, warm, approachable, and she cares.  She has fun and inviters others to do the same.  I'm so grateful to have found her.  She adds beauty to the world." Derron S, San Francisco, CA 


"I just finished an incredible weekend street photography workshop with Valérie in Vancouver. Her passion for her photography is so evident in the way she teaches. I learned so much in just two days. She creates an amazing environment to learn, and teaches on a level that makes everyone feel comfortable. Ian MacDonald, who assisted Valérie with the workshop, also added so much to the value of the weekend. Not only was he a great guide and wonderful photographer, but he is also very passionate and is an incredible teacher. If you haven’t taken one of Valérie’s workshops before, I can’t recommend them enough. I know that I will be back to take another in the not so distant future." - Elizabeth Gray, Mississippi.

"I feel fortunate to have participated in Valerie Jardin's workshop in Vancouver, B.C. and I couldn't have asked for anything more.  It was perfect!  Valerie has a unique ability to assess each participants need and individualized her approach for them.  She seamlessly worked with students at all levels, and, as a novice in Street Photography, that was very important to me. Valerie is a great communicator, a very inspiring teacher, and pretty quick-witted which made the workshop fun as well.  The days were well-organized and filled with personal time, in the field, with Valerie.  I left Vancouver with new friends, new skills and vision for my photography, and a renewed incentive to "Hit The Streets". Irene Agnos, San Francisco


"Great weekend in a beautiful city!  Valerie and Ian were great instructors and guides showing us the city, new techniques and how to be more comfortable with people on the street.  Attendee photos critique process at the end of the workshop was enjoyable and enlightening."  Gary, San Antonio TX

"This was a very pleasant workshop. It was 2 days, it was quite relaxed, but just enough time was spent focusing on techniques. Not her, not her camera, not her computer programs, her techniques. We had a brief introduction to her style of street photography, and spent quite a bit of time at 4 or 5 locations (depending on how you count them) with quite a few opportunities as we walked between them. Valerie is very down to earth. If you have listened to her podcast, or read her e-book then there really is nothing unexpected in the workshop. She has no problem bringing local experts in on the workshop, in this case fellow Fuji-X photographer Ian MacDonald. Both were fun and made sure each participant had time and energy focused on what they wanted to get out of the experience. Some locations were more suited to certain types of lessons, so Valerie would make sure that if a student wanted portraits, she would defer that and re-connect at another location it was more appropriate. That is a rare quality in my experience. Valerie's energy is boundless, her enthusiasm infectious. You can read about it, you can listen to podcasts, but until you experience her methods in action, you can't fully appreciate her sincerity and skill. If you like her style of street, or want to hone your skills in areas which you are weak, then I highly recommend her workshops. I feel that I walked away far better qualified to hit the streets with confidence." Dennis Linden, MD, Oregon