How you can help...

“Even if you can’t give back realistically, you can still give ten minutes of your day to talk to someone. Your ‘do something for nothing’ might be different than mine. It might not be working with the homeless. It’s about using your skills or time to make others smile in your community. We have to use something as powerful as social media for good where we can. We can change things. It starts small, then builds.” Joshua Coombes

Whenever you do or witness an act of kindness, spread the love and compassion by posting about it and using the hashtag #Dosomethingfornothing

Download the books and support the project

You can support Josh by downloading these The #DoSomethingForNothing New York City and #DoSomethingForNothing Paris ebooks. Donations of any amount will help him continue his important work and bring smiles and hope to homeless people around the world.

The stories and the photographs were captured on the streets of NYC in September 2017 when Josh and I first worked together as a team.


"Great book with wonderful images! And what an incredible project! I got the book! Thank you for letting me contribute!" ~ Francisco E.

"Helping people look better and boosting their self-esteem is what this e-book is about. Two people donating their talents; photography and hair dressing. Touched my heart." Michael Staubes




Go to this link to learn more about the project. And, of course, don't forget to follow Joshua Coombes and #DoSomethingForNothing on Instagram.