Question #19: About Post Processing

Today I answered two questions related to post processing:

Q1: "I've been in digital photography as a hobby for about 1 1/2 years. I use Lightroom 5 for post processing. I don't alter my photos much, just giving them that little extra look. Some friend say that I could do more in Photoshop CS6. Do you think it is worth spending the money?" Jean-Guy G

A: "Bonjour Jean-Guy! In my opinion you'd be better off going on mini photo trip rather than investing in CS6! Unless you want to get into some heavy duty portrait retouching or work with layers all day, there is not much CS6 will do for you that LR5 can't. Even if you want to use PS tools not available in LR5, all you need is PS Elements for under $100 and I can guarantee you that it will be much more that you'll ever use! This will save you a few hundred dollars that you can spend on a trip, a photo workshop or even a new lens! My 2 cents, I hope it helps!"


Q2 : "What is the percentage of photos you need to post edit ? I work very hard NOT to need post editing..." 

A: "Thanks for your question. For my commercial work: I import my RAW files into LR5. If some major work is needed (adding fire in a fireplace, or landscape around a building for example) then I send it out to my local Photoshop guy. That's all he does and he does it right. I would hate every minute of the process, I'm a photographer, not a retoucher, and I want to keep it that way!

For my personal work: I import all my RAW images into LR5. I quickly weed through the ones I don't want to keep then I adjust a few sliders. B&W conversion a lot of the time, contrast. etc. I don't use presets. Generally a few seconds per picture is enough, especially for street photography. A little bit longer if it's a landscape for example. I try to get it right in camera, saves me time! Post processing is a wonderful thing and we have some very powerful tools that can my great images even better. But the fact remains that if it's not a good picture to start, there is no amount of post processing that is going to turn it into a great photograph!"

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