Paris Through Your Lens

WEEK-LONG workshops: 

September 15-21, 2018 (Sold out Waiting list)

July 6-12, 2019 (opening soon)

October 19-24, 2019 (opening soon)


WEEKEND workshops:

September 21-23, 2018 (Sold out Waiting list)

January 18-20, 2019 (opening soon)

October 25-27, 2019 (opening soon)

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A Week in Paris!

In Paris, life happens on the streets, and that's where you will be, making your own iconic images. 

You will learn how to see and capture gesture and expression as you practice street photography in the same streets where the masters of the genre made their iconic images. Our daily walks will also be the perfect stage to fine tune your photographic story telling ability. Learn to see and frame details in architecture and daily life that make a place unique while thinking 'outside the postcard'.  

Join me for the photographic and cultural trip of a lifetime to one of the most photogenic cities in the world - Paris!

Participants have the choice between a full hotel package or a tuition package. 


  • 6 nights and breakfasts in a luxury hotel located in the heart of Paris, just steps away from the Pantheon and the Luxembourg Garden.  
  • Instruction in a small group setting by Valerie Jardin
  • Daily photo walks
  • Individual critique session.
  • Three meals: One gourmet lunch on a river cruise and two dinners with the group in the relaxed atmosphere of a charming Parisian bistro renowned for its traditional French cuisine. 
  • $3,675
  • Price based on double occupancy upon availability of a roommate. Single room supplement of $1,220 available if you wish to have your own room or are traveling with a non-photographer.
  • Details and registration.
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  • Instruction in a small group setting by Valerie Jardin
  • Daily photo walks
  • Individual critique session
  • Three meals: One gourmet lunch on a river cruise and two dinners with the group in the relaxed atmosphere of a charming Parisian bistro renowned for its traditional French cuisine.
  • $2,550
  • Details and registration.


Weekend Street Photography Workshop in Paris.

Join me for two and half days of street photography in the city where it all began. Traveling from far away and you think that a weekend is too short? Come for the workshop and spend a few extra days practicing your technique on the street of Paris. 


The weekend will start late afternoon on Friday with a Keynote presentation followed by a welcome dinner at my favorite bistro in the 5th District near Le Pantheon and the Luxembourg Gardens. We will spend all day Saturday shooting. Sunday will start with a photo walk and end in the classroom with some post processing and a group critique session. $650.

 Details and registration


My workshop are designed to accommodate all levels. Please note that all instruction will be done in English.


What participants have to say about the Paris workshops:

"I've taken a lot of photography workshops over the years - but my all time favorites are the ones that Valerie Jardin leads!  She brings a great spirit to each workshop - spending her time with the group as we go exploring a wonderful city like Paris.  Her spirit is infectious - and the participants all come away just feeling good about the experience - along with capturing many wonderful street images!  I highly recommend Valerie's street photography workshops - they just don't come any better!"  -- Scott Loftesness, Menlo Park, California.

"I recently attended Valerie’s April 2017 weekend photography workshop in Paris. It was an extraordinary experience! I learned a great deal about street photography and about seeing photographically. Thanks to Valerie’s impassioned and patient teaching I was able to step out of my comfort zone and come away with some very nice pictures. The photo walk locations were perfect places to explore and practice various street photography techniques. All in all, it was a terrific weekend of photography and camaraderie!" Michelle Picard, Fairfax, VA.

"For everyone who loves street photography and wants to improve his/her skills participating in one of Valerie’s workshops is a must. I had the chance to attend in January the Paris weekend-workshop with Valerie and a group of new friends from all over the world. What an amazing experience and wonderful camaraderie very difficult to describe in a few words. Valerie is undoubtfuly an outstanding street photographer but also she a remarkable trainer and a high professional organiser. She has a unique talent of transferring her knowledge sharing her experience and on the same time she has the ability to bring out the best of you. Please be aware that her passion of street photography is highly contagious. So don’t be surprised when after the workshop you find yourself going around carrying everywhere your camera. Valerie’s workshops is an opportunity which should not be missed." Vassilis Paros-Greece

"I have known Valérie for quite a while through her photography, her posts on Facebook, her podcasts, etc. I finally had the chance to meet her face to face while enrolling in her workshop in Paris! I can say that this workshop was way beyond my expectations! I have taken photography classes before but this was a completely different experience. Not only did I discovered Paris while not being a tourist, I also experienced 'street photography' which is a totally different way of taking on photography. Valérie explained how to bring out the best of the situation, where to stand, when to click, etc. 
One can easily see Valérie's passion for photography. It's remarkable and contagious. She is a terrific teacher, always patient, giving advice to her students and sharing her tips and tricks. The program Valérie prepared was also well balanced, giving opportunities to do photo walks in small groups, sharing knowledge, relaxing and enjoying the French way of life! The critique session and the presentation made by other students were also very useful and inspiring. By the second day I had already felt more confident. I even dared to share my pictures after the workshop!
More importantly, I made new friends from Canada, the States and Australia and it was really interesting to spend time with passionate photographers from different backgrounds.Thank you Valérie for making this workshop a great adventure! No doubt I will enroll in another workshop pretty soon!" 
Magali, Belgium

"When I registered for a week in Paris with Valérie Jardin, I didn’t really know what to expect.  I knew very little about street photography, I’d never been to Paris and I was concerned that I didn’t have the appropriate skill level to ‘keep up’ with the rest of the group. I’ve just returned home from that trip and cannot begin to describe what a positive week it was!  Valérie is a terrific teacher who planned a series of amazing experiences for the group.  We visited markets and neighbourhoods and even a few landmarks. I realize now that we were seldom indoors; we were experiencing the Paris of the Parisians themselves.  As the week progressed, I found myself thinking about the light, the background, the story, the repeating patterns and, most importantly, the perfect person for the particular moment.  The photo sharing and critique sessions were extremely helpful;  learning to love black and white was game changing.  I made wonderful new friends from all over the world and completely changed what I see 'through my lens'.  Thank you, Valérie for creating such an inspirational workshop.  I hope to join you for another trip very soon!" Judy R. Vancouver, Canada

"I just completed the most amazing week in Paris with Valerie, and 8 new friends from all over the world! Intentionally pushing myself into a new genre of street photography was incredibly rewarding. Valerie's passion and expertise shines through in her teaching, and best of all, she showed us Paris through the eyes of a local. This was the most unique travel experience I have ever had an highly recommend her workshops to anyone who wants to expand their photography skills." Kelly Marley

"Valerie Jardin is an energetic and extremely competent teacher who has helped me begin to master the art of street photography.  Her enthusiasm is contagious!  During this past week in Paris, we walked to different key spots around the city, taking pictures and learning how to really "see" and photograph the daily activities of average and not-so-average Parisians.  We watched them walking their dogs, sipping their coffee and wine, reading their books, and interacting with each other in the cafés, the markets, the streets and the parks.  Obviously, once you've figured this out, you can take what you've learned and use it to photograph all over the world. I've loved photography for a long time but have never felt sure of myself when photographing people in my world travels.  Now, thanks to Valerie,  I feel as if I'm moving in a whole new direction with my photos. Thank you, Valerie, for inspiring me to stretch myself and expand my artistic horizons. The course was everything I'd hoped it would be." Susie N.

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"I've been an admirer of Valerie Jardin's photographic style for some time and was thrilled to be able to join her Paris Photography Workshop. She has an easy, very personable approach to teaching, which made the experience of shooting street photography less intimidating. I came away wishing the time spent was much longer, but knowing that I'd been given tools to bring my photographs to the next level." Eleanor Matthews, Augusta, GA (Weekend workshop)

"What a great way to spend the weekend. One of my favourite cities doing one of my favourite pastimes - photography and street shooting with like minded people and an exceptional host in Valerie. I have come away with a smile on my face, some real classic images in my camera andeight new friends. What an investment!"  Graham Bridgeman-Clarke Rayleigh, Essex, England. (Weekend workshop)

"This was a professionally run workshop from the first evening of Valerie sharing street photography concepts and techniques through the various locations where we did our shooting through the critique/sharing session at the end. I left the weekend very re-energized from two days of creativity and great came(a)raderie, good fun."  Stefan, Geneva. (Weekend workshop)

"I'm new to photography and especially street photography - so meeting up in Paris with Valerie and several very talented photographers was a great way to jump into this hobby. Valerie's expertise and ability to build a cohesive group that was able to walk the streets and share ideas and learn from each other was excellent. I had a great time and hope to do more in the future."  Patrick Foughty, Stuttgart, Germany (Weekend workshop)

"I have attended several of Valerie's workshops, and always learn something new at each one. Valerie's love of photography, her love and familiarity with Paris, and her patience in sharing her knowledge with others, make her the perfect person to lead a street photography workshop in this magical city! Be prepared to walk and to experience Paris from a new point of view, and to have a wonderful time as you capture unique images of this city."  Susan Goudge, Tennessee

"Valerie, The Paris street photography workshop was truly an unforgettable experience.  You have a unique ability to create a relaxed yet challenging experience for photographers who want to improve their skills and learn new photographic techniques in a great location.  I had no idea how much fun and different street photography could be.  I brought home some amazing shots, learned new techniques and made wonderful new friends on the trip.  Thanks for your special attention to the details and for leading us throughout this wonderful experience.  I will definitely be signing up for another travel workshop in 2015."  Chris

"I loved every minute of our workshop! Valerie’s warmth and passion for her city and for photography is contagious and she put us all at ease immediately as a group. I learned so much experientially watching Valerie and others. I appreciated each person in the group and hope to see them again on one of Valerie’s workshops." Sherry P. Santa Barbara, CA.

“Trip of a lifetime, my wife and I wanted to return to Paris but do something different.  There is nothing like a week of focused effort on your favorite subject with your favorite hobby guided by someone who deeply cares about both. We came away with new shooting skills and friends from the workshop.”  John and Lisa Taylor

"My 15 year old daughter and I attended Valerie's workshop because the idea of Paris and an expert photographer's tuition was a combination we couldn't let pass. The workshop was all we could have dreamt of! Fantastic locations, fabulous food, superb hotel and all shared with a wonderful group of enthusiastic people with a passion for photography.  We had such a lovely time, learnt so much and we will treasure the memories (and the photos!) Merci Valerie!" Mandy Robb, Australia

"In thinking about what you offered us as learning opportunities, considering value received and my earlier life experiences, I can honestly say that I learned volumes beyond my expectations and at an excellent price point.  I also had one heck of a fine time in a stunningly beautiful part of the World while making some new and likely lifelong friendships. Thanks to you, I also have a marvelous collection of resulting images to back up the above impressions of the "Paris Through Your Lens" experience." Martin McKenzie, Columbia, SC

"Valerie's love for and skill in capturing moments is contagious!  Every day while participating in her workshop I was at once inspired and overwhelmed!  Around the third day, when I thought I could not take another step, she would say something about one of my photos either encouraging or simply pointing out how it might have been better, and I was compelled to keep pushing forward.  The things I learned are timeless and can be applied to any situation - travel, family event, special occasion, indoors, outdoors.  I fully expect all my photos to improve as a result of this week in Paris with Valerie! " Melanie from Madison, MS

"For anyone with a love of photography and wishing to improve their skills by extending their vision of the world through their lens, the workshop " Paris Through Your Lens", held in the French capital, by Valérie Jardin, is something not to be missed. The combination of world class photographers for instructors, excellent accommodation and dining as well as wonderful camaraderie, provided an unforgettable experience designed to enhance one's photographic ability together with the series of shoots at numerous picturesque locations throughout Paris. I am very grateful to Valérie for providing this once in a lifetime opportunity which has markedly improved the quality and composition of my photos. I have also made a great group of new friends that I hope to meet again some time in the future, hopefully at another of Valérie's photo adventures! I highly recommend this workshop." Denise M Lawry, Melbourne, Australia