My Favorite Photo Gear, Books, Podcasts, etc.

***September 2016 Updates***

Hit the Streets with Valerie Jardin :) After being the host of Street Focus for 2 years and 104 episodes, I am now launching my own podcast to start on Sept, 22, 2016!

I watched the most beautiful documentary about Saul Leiter: In No Great Hurry, available for rent via iTunes. AMAZING!

Camera Gear:

My Fuji X100s ©Valérie Jardin

My Fuji X100s ©Valérie Jardin

My favorite camera is still the Fuji X100 series, I shot with the Fuji X100s for 2.5 years, and I now own the latest version, the Fuji X100t and it's even better! 

I finally tried a wide conversion lens on my X100S and T cameras and all I can say is WOW! It simply screws onto the original lens, you don't lose any quality and it opens a whole new world of wider shots (18mm instead of 23mm of the original lens). The tele conversion lens is equally good, I'm just more of a wide angle shooter, which fits street photography better in general. Either way, as a bonus you can't get any dust on your censor since you don't remove the original prime on your camera.

I've had the chance to shoot with the Fuji X70 for the past few weeks. Image quality is comparable to the X100T, wider lens at 18.5mm, flip screen with touch option. No viewfinder but, if you're a street photographer, that should not be a deterrent. Small, silent and very inconspicuous. Definitely a great tool for any type of photography, especially street. It will not replace my X100T but it fits in a small pocket so there is no reason to ever leave the house without it...

I use the indispensable Lensmate Thumb Grip on the X100T. 

I am weak! I fell in love with yet another bag, the ONA Bowery. Beautiful and just the right size. I still love the other two listed below...

My two other favorite photo bags are the Think Tank Retrospective 5 and the Crumpler 5, The Think Tank Retrospective 5 is perfect to carry both my mirrorless cameras when I travel. For photo walks, since I only carry one camera, I prefer the more comfortable Crumpler 5

I've been using wrist straps for my cameras for quite a while: The Lance strap on the XT-1 and the Gordy's on the X100s. The new X100T is now equipped with the Fuji leather case and strap.

July 2016: I received the XPro2 and fitted it with the most beautiful strap, ever! It's a Lucida Strap, handmade in Spain. The Fujifilm XPro2 is amazing but I still prefer my X100T because of its familiarity and smaller size. I just put the Lensbaby Velvet 56 lens on the new XPro for some creative fun this summer, so I'm looking forward to that. I used a Lensbaby many years ago with my dslr and I enjoyed it very much, it's another way of seeing!

With the amount of traveling I do, I had not yet bought a noise canceling headset. I have one now and so excited about it!! I bought the Bose Quiet Comfort, pricey but they are the best in noise canceling technology. And you get what you pay for!

Accessories: I'm trying to stay organized when I travel and bought the Think Tank battery holders for 4 batteries and for 2 batteries and a waterproof memory card holder.


Photography Books Every Photographer Should Own:

I published my ebook Street Photography: First Steps and Beyond to help you make stronger street photographs. I also made a short video about it.

It's what I do: A Photographer's Life of Love and War by Lynsey Addario, a fantastic book!

David duChemin's Within The Frame

Steve Simon's The Passionate Photographer

Ibarionex Perello's Chasing The Light

Vincent Laforet's Visual Stories

Kenneth Kobre's Photojournalism: The professional's Approach

Jay Maisel's Light, Gesture and Color

George Barr's Why Photographs Work

Gordon Lewis' Street Photography

I really enjoyed reading It's Not About the F-Stop by Jay Maisel and I finally received Henri Cartier-Bresson's The Decisive Moment 

The Photograph by Harald Mante: A really in depth analysis on composition and color design.

A great resource for photographers interested in selling their work: How Photographs are Sold by Alain Briot.

A must-have if you are in the business of photography: Jack Resnicki and Ed Greenberg's The Copyright Zone

Everything you need to know about digital photography in a fun and easy approach: Scott Kelby's Digital Photography Book Set

And for more inspiration:

William Allard's Five Decades

Cartier-Bresson's The Modern Century

John Maloof's Vivian Maier: Street Photographer

My Favorite Photography Podcasts and Web Resources:

I've learned so much by listening to photography podcasts over the past few years. I am quite addicted to them. I listen while I'm exercising, or driving.  Here are some of my favorite podcasts to date:

Hit the Streets with Valerie Jardin coming on Sept. 22!

Streets PX is always a lot of fun!

Photofocus The Inspiration show with my friend Marco Larousse and Scott Bourne

This Week in Photo (aka. TWiP), I guest host regularly and it's a blast!

The Martin Bailey Photography Podcast

The Candid Frame with Ibarionex Perello. Guaranteed inspiration every week! 

Tips From The Top Floor by my friend Chris Marquardt.

If you like gear, then Doug Kaye's has the podcast for you with All About The Gear.

I also highly recommend checking out Street HuntersF-Stop LoungeReady Steady ProOut of ChicagoLive and UncutThe SIC Show and Mirrorless Minutes. All great sources of information and inspiration!

Do not miss the great daily articles on dPS Digital Photography School.

For a list of my articles and interviews, please check out the Publications page of this site.

Computers, Software and More:

I never travel anywhere without 11" MacBook Air, its super lightweight and performance are amazing.  

My favorite card reader is the Anker USB 3.0. It's incredibly small, perfect for travel!

I also use a small travel power strip to plug 4 devices and one plug adapter for the country I'm visiting. 

The Bose Quiet Comfort, pricey but they are the best in noise canceling technology. And you get what you pay for and if you travel a lot, it's gold!

I also bought a really nice and very inexpensive sleeve for my MacBook Air, I was amazed at the quality for only $19.99! 

I also upgraded my backup drives with 2 WD My Book. I rotate them every month and keep one off site at all times. I also do daily cloud storage with Backblaze. You can never have too many back ups.

At home I work on my beautiful iMac with retina 5K display

I work exclusively in Lightroom 5.

I also have a new fun toy and I have fun pic on my refrigerator again thanks to the Fujifilm Instax Smartphone portable printer Who knew instant printing could be this much fun again! 

Some of the links above are from an associate link on Amazon.